What is making way to the rise of digital doctors. Is Digital Healthcare on the uprise?

The Medivo app has quite revolutionized the healthcare in our state, if not the country. Ever since its inception a year back , more than 200 doctors across various verticals have signed up to play a role in this healthcare revolution. Since then a lot of “doctors on need” apps have been on the rise. Be it websites or mobile applications, people are slowly turning their attention towards this incredible and convenient breakthrough. We can now agree the Digital doctor campaigns are on the rise, but what are the factors that are driving this new innovation?

  • Time is Valuable: We live in a fast paced world. Every second counts, every second Medivo_1612_p02.jpgmints money. People sacrifice a lot when they try to squeeze in leisure and family time in between the little free space they are liable for. Health care is the last given preference over other priorities. Considering this as a base fact, people of the current generation would love to have their doctor appointments on a video chat en route to work or spend a few minutes alone while they are at a park , movie or a dinner with their family and friends. 
  • Waiting Time: One of the biggest burdens in visiting a doctor at his clinic or at the hospital he works would be the long waiting lines or the token system. Waiting for close to an hour or more is simply a buzz kill, even on a Sunday. Everybody needs a day off after a hectic week and to consider waiting at the waiting room, wasting half your Sunday certainly kills the mood to visit a doctor. Medivo app has given the people just what they need.


  • Anytime, Anywhere: Imagine you are on a business trip and you would have leave your circle of comfort and travel elsewhere to an uncharted territory (at least tMedivo_1612_p01.jpgo you), you forgot your medicines and the worst thing – you don’t have a copy of your medical prescription. Digital doctor applications like Medivo helps you connect with your doctor and also has your prescriptions mailed to your email id.  With doctors available 24*7 and prescriptions copies in your mobile, one can always feel confident having a doctor in his pocket anytime, anywhere he goes!

 Medivo Application is available to all users on Google play and IOS store to download. The application has proved to be application that has covered all the above points and helps people/patients schedule their follow up appointments, talk to their doctors when required anytime, anywhere without any hustle. Download the app today: http://bit.ly/2nZ6lwA and have a doctor over a video anytime, anywhere at your convenience



Go digital doctor with these 5 consultations that do not need a personal visit to the doctor!

People often feel insecure about new things that technology grants them.  When it comes to doctor on video concept – the big question that strikes every single mind  would be, “How can the doctor know what troubles oneself without taking the temperature or without using the stethoscope”. Agreed, but there are few other instances where you can get yourself consulted over a video. Here are the top 5 consultations that does not require direct contact with your doctor

Precautionary Preparations:

We all understand a good experience. For someone who likes to soak his feet before taking a dip in the water, this would be an ideal point to start. If you have an idea to undergo a surgery or a medical diagnosis it would be wise to can call up a doctor to understand the basic requirements to prepare yourself for the same and also be aware of all the procedures, after effects, medications concerned there in. This way, one can be prepared and take a call on his treatment.

Second OpinionsMedivo 7 1 17-01.png

People who have been asked to be treated to some severe ailments often look for a second opinion.  Second opinions are based on the reports generated from primary consultations. Uploading the documents to the application would allow the doctor on video to analyse and understand if the patient would need such a critical diagnosis.

Follow Up Visits: Follow up visits are very much vital in understanding a subject patient’s progress through the diagnosis. People often miss out on follow up visits due to the lack of time in their daily routines. We live in a fast paced world and we have an excuse to miss out on such follow up visits to the doctor. Follow up visits can be done through a video while uploading your medical documents via the mobile application for the doctor to review.

Nutrition: People working on a weight loss or weight gain can contact a nutritional expert to receive few tips and tricks to help themselves into a healthy diet.

Medivo 7 1 17-08.png

Immediate First Aid:   Experiencing heavy head ache or stomach ache at work? Try giving the doctors on video a go for immediate remedy. Yes of course, you would need to be analyzed properly to hand over severe medications, but they could still help you with immediate remedies to help you through the day. You will have to follow it up with a regular visit to the doctor to understand the real problem inside.

Medivo Application is available to all users on Google play and IOS store to download. Download the app today: http://bit.ly/2nZ6lwA and have a doctor over a video anytime, anywhere at your convenience. Medivo promises to maintain the basic ethics of the doctor-patient confidentiality and also help millions of users with their doctor schedules without having to

Medivo tells you, Why Follow-Up Visits are Important?

Nobody likes their visit to the doctors. Kids fear the vaccines, Youth fear the verdicts, the adults fear losing time and the seniors see it a gateway to their end. Hospitals and doctors are often the most feared for no reason. followupPeople who work in a radioactive plant fear the hospitals more than their work place. Such is the stereotype build over the years. But doctors are professionals who care for your health and are motivated by curing or successfully treating their patients.

One must not avoid their visits to their doctors. A doctor does not simply request you to come down for another follow up visit to fill up his appointments for the week. They are not marketing personnel. A primary consultations might come up with good news; news stating that you were wrong to fear over an ordinary tummy ache. Your duty is not Medivo_1705_p11finished with the doctor prescribing you with medicines and you taking them on regular basis. Your duty is complete when your follow up with the doctor giving him a detailed report on what happened after the primary visit.

The follow up visits are not a waste of time. A lot may have happened in the week between your primary consultation and your follow up visit. Your tummy ache could have been because of your food intake, your dining habits might have brought in some weird side effect, or even worse, you could have popped in a different medicine all together. An ignored discomfort could possibly lead to different scenario all together. You may be a IT techie, CEO, CMO, VP or even the president of a country – but you are not a doctor. You aren’t cured unless the doctor says so!

The hard times can be a discomfort for your follow up visits. It is a given that the pressure at work would require a good night’s rest and a good family time in the evening to blow off the steam before getting into work mode all over again. The Medivo app provides you the complete freedom to complete your follow up visits with your doctor through a video call – anytime, anyplace. With more than 150 doctors on board, you are in safe hands. Welcome to the new era of healthcare. Download our medivo App from google store or apple store and feel the convenience of having a doctor’s appointment like never before.


What to watch out for this New School Beginning – A Medical Perspective!

All good things must come to an end. Nothing hits you in the feels like how the end of summer holidays does. The very thought of going back to school , shouldering those heavy book and close to 9 hours of school time is a nightmare for any kid – regardless of the age. In just a few days, all roads will have school kids in their nicely clad uniforms, pony tails and heavy school bags. It’s going to be yet another hard and mentally taxing academic year. So is your kid ready for the new beginning or is he going to fake another tummy ache on day one. Medivo helps you understand a few points that you can watch out for as the new academic year begins.


The kids today are clever, intelligent and more mentally active than how we were in their age. Probably thanks to exposure through TV, Mobiles, Internet, and Games which we lacked. However, the time they spend on physical activities have come down by huge margins in the span of 10 years. Kids at a very tender age fall prey to new diseases or face deficiencies in system. 4536907-school-boy-is-holding-books-back-to-school.jpg

Mental breakdowns are now often seen in kids who are prone to academic pressure – Usually to kids who have both their parents working and unavailable to provide them their evenings snack. There is also their evasive attitude towards their lunch habits. Having been spoon fed at their grandparent’s place for the past two months, the kids often try to ignore the whole idea of having their lunch at school, Come on , we all have done that. Times have changed. Your kid needs a healthy lunch to at least carry those heavy book to school without crunching his spine.


Download our Medivo Application to help your kid ease back into his school life. Medivo App promises to keep it’s patient details with utmost confidentiality allowing parents and their children’s discomforts safe and secured. A video chat with a children specialist is not going to cost you much time or discomfort. Given the freedom on time and space, Medivo app ensures that you and your children’s consultation are kept between the personnel involved and treated securely.  Help you kid break his embarrassment over his syndrome and open up to the free world with the help of Medivo App. The best things, he is not going to get a vaccine shot over a video. That is something convincing isn’t it? Download our app from Google store or visit us on medivo.in

Medivo’s 5 Reasons, why Video Consultations are the Next Big thing in HealthCare Industry !

Every sector in the global economy has taken its step into the digital world. Banking, Retail, Education and now the healthcare domain is currently taking baby steps into the digital world with Video consultations. It may not be the trending hash tag in the current scenario but here are five reasons why video consultations are going to make it big in the health care sector

  1. Complete Freedom
    The video consultation provides you complete freedom over your schedules. No more appointments or allocation your time to pay a visit to the doctor’s. You can have your video consultation anytime and anywhere without having to compromise on your other schedules. You can even have it during your lunch break!
  2. Complete Privacy
    Having a video consultation provides you with a complete privacy. For all those embarrassing scenarios of you bumping into your family members or office colleges at the hospital corridor can be avoided. The video consultation would be a one on one between the patient and the doctor providing complete confidentiality and privacy to the patient.
  3. Around the globe connectivity
    Various scenarios where the doctor’s availability hinders your appointments can be sorted out with video calls. The world is now connected as a single entity via the internet and no matter the location of the doctor or the patient, your follow up schedules can happen right on time.
  4. Be Prepared
    A Small pre-consultation over a video before a heavy diagnosis is always preferred. It helps the patients be prepared financially and mentally to undergo the diagnosis without any hiccups. They would have enough time to be prepared and also, the doctor would have enough time to understand the patient’s precise needs.
  5. It’s the modern age
    It’s the modern age. Everything is now a part of E-Commerce. Insurance, Banking, Retail have all made their way into the digital network and the current work load on the Y generation has had a significant effect to the digital world bringing about their success. With the advent of more new technologies, things are going to get more progressive in the digital world and doctor video consultation is one among them

We at Medivo are happy to be the pioneers in taking the Video consultations to the next level. Experience the new age in health care first hand with our Medivo App. Download and register here http://bit.ly/2nZ6lwA  – Also available on Apple Store. Visit us at www.medivo.in for more details

A New Era – Virtually Connecting Patients to Their Specialty Doctors

Technology has taken over the global economy by a massive scale. Businesses have boomed, Economies have flourished, employment opportunities provided and more importantly – many a standard operating procedures have been simplified. The healthcare sector too has seen quite a phenomenal change in its approach with the intervention of modern day technology


One such is connecting the doctor and patients anywhere, anyplace and anytime. The health care industry has seen a lot of big leaps in the last few years usually favoring the doctors and the hospitals alike.

Recently the biggest trend in the health care industry is supposedly having doctor appointments on video calls through exclusive or third party mobile application. Medivo Application is one such app that helps you with it.

The process is very simple and does not need much of the user’s time. The mobile application is available to download from Google Play store and the Apple IOS store.The user then would be requested to register a user account with valid log in credentials. Once the user has his own exclusive account, he can now have access to more than 150+ doctors across various verticals and specialization.

The application has now created a new horizon in the Indian health care industry. The power of a multi specialty hospital in the hands of a user with a single click of a button has now changed the way people have considered the healthcare industry. Anytime access to a Gynecologist, Urologist, Cardiologist, General Physician or  just about through an application is something that Medivo Application has achieved in a very little time span

With 150+ doctors (from various domains) on board the Medivo app available for video calls anytime and anywhere, having your health checked up has never been easier. Upload your documents, Test results and pre consult with a doctor before your life changing surgery decision or receive a second opinion on your most feared nightmares – All at a single click of a button.


Get started now! Download our app or Visit us at  http://www.medivo.in for further details or download our mobile application at an instant from our Facebook page : www.facebook.com/medivohealth/ and get yourself consulted at your comfort.

Clinical excellence at the comfort of your home

The human life is full of pleasures, happiness, sorrows and illness. But the silver lining is that there are noble people who work all their lives to alleviate the sufferings of the others. Among them, the profession of doctors is perhaps the most respected for the services they provide to the society. But finding the right doctors may be a task at times. And if found, the right doctors will help patients make the right medical decisions for their concern.


We all know that the use of the Internet for health purposes is steadily increasing. Most of the online doctor consultation services have been conceived to help patients discuss their concerns from the comfort of home. The benefits of this facility are numerous. Anyone facing a health issue which is not an emergency can avail of this facility.

A lot of patients suffer due to the lack of mobility and the absence of any clear answers regarding their condition. Medivo was found with this specific goal of providing expert, independent clinical analysis to the people who need it the most, regardless of their physical location.

With Medivo you can now save a lot of time, as you get lesser calls from pharmacies for illegible prescriptions. Also, Time saved in writing prescriptions can be devoted to understanding the patient’s concern. Having an online presence of your service in Medivo is similar to having a hoarding of your clinic on the main road, as we help u get you just as many patients as you’ll get compared to if you were setting up a clinic.

17492347_1280978201980570_4720809528199600495_o.jpgAlso, Registering up with Medivo for your service is completely hassle free. With online consultation, you will now be able to easily access patient’s entire current and past drug history, which is helpful in changing prescriptions. If you’re a doctor wanting to make the best out of your career, choose Medivo by reaching out to more patients daily and help them with your precious consultations. Get started now! Download our app or Visit us at  medivo.in for further details. A faster and easier way to see a doctor without the hassles of weekend or protest or holidays. Doctors available 24/7. Get instantly connected with your doctor on a video call with Medivo, Chennai’s first Doctor’s Online Clinic. It’s free and easy to join.

Visit www.facebook.com/medivohealth/  for all the latest updates and offers. Download our App and consult today, without apprehensions or fear!

Beat waiting in long queues. Consult a Doctor in less than a minute

Today a lot of patients are seeking advice online from doctors they have not even met. How many times you’ve used Google to search symptoms or conditions?

Maybe, infinity times! And how well do you know that Google provides you the right information pertaining to your condition? Medivo is here to help you, we are a health care company that patients use to consult with the right doctors online.

17991776_1308300329248357_2120389012089528370_n.jpgSo, you ask why online consulting with Medivo?

Some people seek online advice with doctors they have never met because they value the confidentiality for sensitive medical topics and that’s why Medivo carefully checks all credentials and experiences of the doctor before we allow he/her to see you. Hence, not every doctor can be a part of Medivo.

Save up to 70% of your time as you gain access to reputed doctors that otherwise would not be available to you. Not only that, you can also get medical advice in places where it’s not possible. So, get easy access to the best doctors from anytime and anywhere, all you need is an internet connection.

With online consulting, you can take your time to write a detailed description of your condition. Also, you can submit your previous and current medical reports. 

Low-cost healthcare is in need among patients and with Medivo you can save up to 80% of money spent on your medical bills.

17884565_1303479746397082_4879536967804825692_n.jpgMedivo offers twenty-four-hour access to doctor consultation at the convenience of your home. Our team constantly reviews feedback from patients, alongside our analytics and call monitoring. The ones that slip through the net can never stay. With Medivo be a part of the next big thing in healthcare. Join us in our journey of revolutionizing healthcare delivery by harnessing technology to help millions lead healthier lives.

No more waiting in long queues to be treated for illness. Quickly consult your doctor online and spend the rest of the time resting, which aids in healing. Download our app or Visit us at medivo.in for consulting your doctor digitally.

Visit www.facebook.com/medivohealth/ for all the latest updates and offers. Download our App and consult today, without apprehensions or fear!