Clinical excellence at the comfort of your home

The human life is full of pleasures, happiness, sorrows and illness. But the silver lining is that there are noble people who work all their lives to alleviate the sufferings of the others. Among them, the profession of doctors is perhaps the most respected for the services they provide to the society. But finding the right doctors may be a task at times. And if found, the right doctors will help patients make the right medical decisions for their concern.


We all know that the use of the Internet for health purposes is steadily increasing. Most of the online doctor consultation services have been conceived to help patients discuss their concerns from the comfort of home. The benefits of this facility are numerous. Anyone facing a health issue which is not an emergency can avail of this facility.

A lot of patients suffer due to the lack of mobility and the absence of any clear answers regarding their condition. Medivo was found with this specific goal of providing expert, independent clinical analysis to the people who need it the most, regardless of their physical location.

With Medivo you can now save a lot of time, as you get lesser calls from pharmacies for illegible prescriptions. Also, Time saved in writing prescriptions can be devoted to understanding the patient’s concern. Having an online presence of your service in Medivo is similar to having a hoarding of your clinic on the main road, as we help u get you just as many patients as you’ll get compared to if you were setting up a clinic.

17492347_1280978201980570_4720809528199600495_o.jpgAlso, Registering up with Medivo for your service is completely hassle free. With online consultation, you will now be able to easily access patient’s entire current and past drug history, which is helpful in changing prescriptions. If you’re a doctor wanting to make the best out of your career, choose Medivo by reaching out to more patients daily and help them with your precious consultations. Get started now! Download our app or Visit us at for further details. A faster and easier way to see a doctor without the hassles of weekend or protest or holidays. Doctors available 24/7. Get instantly connected with your doctor on a video call with Medivo, Chennai’s first Doctor’s Online Clinic. It’s free and easy to join.

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Beat waiting in long queues. Consult a Doctor in less than a minute

Today a lot of patients are seeking advice online from doctors they have not even met. How many times you’ve used Google to search symptoms or conditions?

Maybe, infinity times! And how well do you know that Google provides you the right information pertaining to your condition? Medivo is here to help you, we are a health care company that patients use to consult with the right doctors online.

17991776_1308300329248357_2120389012089528370_n.jpgSo, you ask why online consulting with Medivo?

Some people seek online advice with doctors they have never met because they value the confidentiality for sensitive medical topics and that’s why Medivo carefully checks all credentials and experiences of the doctor before we allow he/her to see you. Hence, not every doctor can be a part of Medivo.

Save up to 70% of your time as you gain access to reputed doctors that otherwise would not be available to you. Not only that, you can also get medical advice in places where it’s not possible. So, get easy access to the best doctors from anytime and anywhere, all you need is an internet connection.

With online consulting, you can take your time to write a detailed description of your condition. Also, you can submit your previous and current medical reports. 

Low-cost healthcare is in need among patients and with Medivo you can save up to 80% of money spent on your medical bills.

17884565_1303479746397082_4879536967804825692_n.jpgMedivo offers twenty-four-hour access to doctor consultation at the convenience of your home. Our team constantly reviews feedback from patients, alongside our analytics and call monitoring. The ones that slip through the net can never stay. With Medivo be a part of the next big thing in healthcare. Join us in our journey of revolutionizing healthcare delivery by harnessing technology to help millions lead healthier lives.

No more waiting in long queues to be treated for illness. Quickly consult your doctor online and spend the rest of the time resting, which aids in healing. Download our app or Visit us at for consulting your doctor digitally.

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