Medivo’s 5 Reasons, why Video Consultations are the Next Big thing in HealthCare Industry !

Every sector in the global economy has taken its step into the digital world. Banking, Retail, Education and now the healthcare domain is currently taking baby steps into the digital world with Video consultations. It may not be the trending hash tag in the current scenario but here are five reasons why video consultations are going to make it big in the health care sector

  1. Complete Freedom
    The video consultation provides you complete freedom over your schedules. No more appointments or allocation your time to pay a visit to the doctor’s. You can have your video consultation anytime and anywhere without having to compromise on your other schedules. You can even have it during your lunch break!
  2. Complete Privacy
    Having a video consultation provides you with a complete privacy. For all those embarrassing scenarios of you bumping into your family members or office colleges at the hospital corridor can be avoided. The video consultation would be a one on one between the patient and the doctor providing complete confidentiality and privacy to the patient.
  3. Around the globe connectivity
    Various scenarios where the doctor’s availability hinders your appointments can be sorted out with video calls. The world is now connected as a single entity via the internet and no matter the location of the doctor or the patient, your follow up schedules can happen right on time.
  4. Be Prepared
    A Small pre-consultation over a video before a heavy diagnosis is always preferred. It helps the patients be prepared financially and mentally to undergo the diagnosis without any hiccups. They would have enough time to be prepared and also, the doctor would have enough time to understand the patient’s precise needs.
  5. It’s the modern age
    It’s the modern age. Everything is now a part of E-Commerce. Insurance, Banking, Retail have all made their way into the digital network and the current work load on the Y generation has had a significant effect to the digital world bringing about their success. With the advent of more new technologies, things are going to get more progressive in the digital world and doctor video consultation is one among them

We at Medivo are happy to be the pioneers in taking the Video consultations to the next level. Experience the new age in health care first hand with our Medivo App. Download and register here  – Also available on Apple Store. Visit us at for more details


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