Medivo tells you, Why Follow-Up Visits are Important?

Nobody likes their visit to the doctors. Kids fear the vaccines, Youth fear the verdicts, the adults fear losing time and the seniors see it a gateway to their end. Hospitals and doctors are often the most feared for no reason. followupPeople who work in a radioactive plant fear the hospitals more than their work place. Such is the stereotype build over the years. But doctors are professionals who care for your health and are motivated by curing or successfully treating their patients.

One must not avoid their visits to their doctors. A doctor does not simply request you to come down for another follow up visit to fill up his appointments for the week. They are not marketing personnel. A primary consultations might come up with good news; news stating that you were wrong to fear over an ordinary tummy ache. Your duty is not Medivo_1705_p11finished with the doctor prescribing you with medicines and you taking them on regular basis. Your duty is complete when your follow up with the doctor giving him a detailed report on what happened after the primary visit.

The follow up visits are not a waste of time. A lot may have happened in the week between your primary consultation and your follow up visit. Your tummy ache could have been because of your food intake, your dining habits might have brought in some weird side effect, or even worse, you could have popped in a different medicine all together. An ignored discomfort could possibly lead to different scenario all together. You may be a IT techie, CEO, CMO, VP or even the president of a country – but you are not a doctor. You aren’t cured unless the doctor says so!

The hard times can be a discomfort for your follow up visits. It is a given that the pressure at work would require a good night’s rest and a good family time in the evening to blow off the steam before getting into work mode all over again. The Medivo app provides you the complete freedom to complete your follow up visits with your doctor through a video call – anytime, anyplace. With more than 150 doctors on board, you are in safe hands. Welcome to the new era of healthcare. Download our medivo App from google store or apple store and feel the convenience of having a doctor’s appointment like never before.



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