What to watch out for this New School Beginning – A Medical Perspective!

All good things must come to an end. Nothing hits you in the feels like how the end of summer holidays does. The very thought of going back to school , shouldering those heavy book and close to 9 hours of school time is a nightmare for any kid – regardless of the age. In just a few days, all roads will have school kids in their nicely clad uniforms, pony tails and heavy school bags. It’s going to be yet another hard and mentally taxing academic year. So is your kid ready for the new beginning or is he going to fake another tummy ache on day one. Medivo helps you understand a few points that you can watch out for as the new academic year begins.


The kids today are clever, intelligent and more mentally active than how we were in their age. Probably thanks to exposure through TV, Mobiles, Internet, and Games which we lacked. However, the time they spend on physical activities have come down by huge margins in the span of 10 years. Kids at a very tender age fall prey to new diseases or face deficiencies in system. 4536907-school-boy-is-holding-books-back-to-school.jpg

Mental breakdowns are now often seen in kids who are prone to academic pressure – Usually to kids who have both their parents working and unavailable to provide them their evenings snack. There is also their evasive attitude towards their lunch habits. Having been spoon fed at their grandparent’s place for the past two months, the kids often try to ignore the whole idea of having their lunch at school, Come on , we all have done that. Times have changed. Your kid needs a healthy lunch to at least carry those heavy book to school without crunching his spine.


Download our Medivo Application to help your kid ease back into his school life. Medivo App promises to keep it’s patient details with utmost confidentiality allowing parents and their children’s discomforts safe and secured. A video chat with a children specialist is not going to cost you much time or discomfort. Given the freedom on time and space, Medivo app ensures that you and your children’s consultation are kept between the personnel involved and treated securely.  Help you kid break his embarrassment over his syndrome and open up to the free world with the help of Medivo App. The best things, he is not going to get a vaccine shot over a video. That is something convincing isn’t it? Download our app from Google store or visit us on medivo.in


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