What is making way to the rise of digital doctors. Is Digital Healthcare on the uprise?

The Medivo app has quite revolutionized the healthcare in our state, if not the country. Ever since its inception a year back , more than 200 doctors across various verticals have signed up to play a role in this healthcare revolution. Since then a lot of “doctors on need” apps have been on the rise. Be it websites or mobile applications, people are slowly turning their attention towards this incredible and convenient breakthrough. We can now agree the Digital doctor campaigns are on the rise, but what are the factors that are driving this new innovation?

  • Time is Valuable: We live in a fast paced world. Every second counts, every second Medivo_1612_p02.jpgmints money. People sacrifice a lot when they try to squeeze in leisure and family time in between the little free space they are liable for. Health care is the last given preference over other priorities. Considering this as a base fact, people of the current generation would love to have their doctor appointments on a video chat en route to work or spend a few minutes alone while they are at a park , movie or a dinner with their family and friends. 
  • Waiting Time: One of the biggest burdens in visiting a doctor at his clinic or at the hospital he works would be the long waiting lines or the token system. Waiting for close to an hour or more is simply a buzz kill, even on a Sunday. Everybody needs a day off after a hectic week and to consider waiting at the waiting room, wasting half your Sunday certainly kills the mood to visit a doctor. Medivo app has given the people just what they need.


  • Anytime, Anywhere: Imagine you are on a business trip and you would have leave your circle of comfort and travel elsewhere to an uncharted territory (at least tMedivo_1612_p01.jpgo you), you forgot your medicines and the worst thing – you don’t have a copy of your medical prescription. Digital doctor applications like Medivo helps you connect with your doctor and also has your prescriptions mailed to your email id.  With doctors available 24*7 and prescriptions copies in your mobile, one can always feel confident having a doctor in his pocket anytime, anywhere he goes!

 Medivo Application is available to all users on Google play and IOS store to download. The application has proved to be application that has covered all the above points and helps people/patients schedule their follow up appointments, talk to their doctors when required anytime, anywhere without any hustle. Download the app today: http://bit.ly/2nZ6lwA and have a doctor over a video anytime, anywhere at your convenience




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